Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fly Bike

Assault flying-bike gun-ship

The deadening howl of a flying motorcycle in approach could be heard, ridden by a Drovak covered in greasy stains. The mechanical humanoid adroitly operated the contraption. He finishes his descent stabilizing a short second some feet above the ground, the powerful jet of the thrusters tearing clods of earth up and charring the grass. Then agilely he landed on the ground, to the strident background noise of a turbine under maximum power.

This is our first contact with the awesome Sharknose as well as the Android Drovak
From the short story "Duel".

    The Sharknose bike was design as an assault vehicle able to carry a lot of fire power over a short distance.

    It uses a small turbojet with an impressive weight/power ratio, but with a reduced life span. The air intake is in front in the "shark's nose" and the exhaust is in the bottom just below the pilot.  The movement of the pilots body from left to right as well as up and down controls what direction the bike moves, and the throttles are located at both feet. Two huge tanks are fixed on each side of the bike, giving it a maximum flight distance of 200 miles.

Tactical use:
    The bike is brought close to the assault taget, fueled and armed awaiting the start of the assault. Its engine can turn slowly to spare fuel and so remaining ready to fly.
    The Sharknose can cover many miles at a high speed or move low in a  field by small successive jumps, hiding itself on the ground with the engine at its lowest speed.
    Its crew is one single pilot, but in battle it was often use to carry a wounded man or two assault troops in place of its heavy armament.
A full robot sharknose version was also developed, with a non-android robot device in place of the pilot seat.

a drawing for camo sheme.

The Sharknose and variants in 28mm are in the Design and drawing stage. Post will be made as progress is made.


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