Saturday, December 11, 2010

Border Wars

The newborn sun began to rise from the rocky horizon, illuminating the sky, scattered with a few cloudy traces. The stones finally warmed up with the contact of this powerful radiation. Vena had regained part of her strength. She caught a radio message that was destined for her, informing her of the arrival of a rescue patrol within some hours. She hesitated to answer then finally abstained. In the silence, the Drovak tried to connect with the base, but Vena cut the connection.

She wrote a brief note, intended for the rescue party, which she stuck between two switches of the chart console, in plain view. Then she left the cabin. The weather had greatly improved. She fixed on the horizon, facing the sun, facing East, turned toward the forbidden territories. She called the Drovak to her and clung to the machine to relieve her wounded leg.
Then they started to walk towards the newborn light.

From the short story "DUEL" by Renaul
(Read the whole Short Story By going to the Duel Button)

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