About Alterra

The  ALTERRA1 Story

There came a time when earth was populated
by billions and billions of human beings.
Montains had been flattened,
the ice caps were heated by satellite mirrors,
and many diseases had been eradicated,
as every minuscule parcel of virgin land
was eaten up in the name of progress.

Since the first days of humanity
eyes had glanced at the endless sky.
Now science was mature, the dream was possible,
and necessity made it inevitable...

Thousands of tiny, automated vessels were built,
heading out from Earth
towards the possibility of contact
with other, mankind-compatible worlds,
spread out across the immensity of space.

Humanity swarmed.

Their cargo was a handfull of men and women the Hibernauts, suspended in deep hibernation,
each individual in a Sarcophgus.
The Hibernauts shared their narrow vessel with others companions:
thousands of cells which, when developed,
would become the future colony.

They also bring the Archives,
the whole knowledge of civilisation,
and samples of many terrestrial organisms.

The vessels, lead by their artificial intelligence,
soon dived in the unknown.

Some ships were lost in empty vastness.
Some fell into suns.
Others died through system failure.

However... at least one achieve has reached it's goal,

 I ask you, the reader,
to follow one of these vessels,
and to learn the destiny of her crew,
and her childhood.

After a journey of inconceivable time and distance,
a favourable world was detected.
The crew awakened and the colonisation of Alterra began.

"Among the infinity of worlds settled down the universe,
discover one wich is so favourable
is a true miracle;
because of this, we are