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She wrote a brief note, intended for the rescue party, which she stuck between two switches of the chart console, in plain view. Then she left the cabin. The weather had greatly improved. She fixed on the horizon, facing the sun, facing East, turned toward the forbidden territories. She called the Drovak to her and clung to the machine to relieve her wounded leg.

   Then they started to walk towards the newborn light.

Embedded in small numbers in the original colonizer ships, which help the settlers in their arduous or hazardous task. The Drovaks were designed in multiple versions for civil or military use.

Drovak without helm and uniform

Drovak with Helm

The DROVAKS are strong machines that have special abilities and work well for manual laborers.
They are able to manipulate tools to perform all kinds of task and they can work longer than a man, but they are in many cases also less precise and less skilled.
Drovak Full Dress

Drovak Military

Drovak Military Troops
(Bionic on Left - Robot on Right)

Humanoid morphology allows them to understand commands, visual recognition, among other things and operating machines designed for human operators

Drovak 28mm model
(coming soon)

Drovaks accompany the men, exoskeletons, and walkers. They often wear clothing to protect their mechanical parts from premature wear.

The militarized Drovaks make up the main body of the Sons. They gather around a soldier/operator who is their guide and controller. They are not capable of much initiative and have been proved to be easily deceived.

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